Don’t miss the new season of Alberto Angela’s “Wonders”: 2020 opens in the name of the historic creative collaboration between Arsenale23 and the public service cult tv-show for a breathtaking journey to discover the hidden treasures of our peninsula. Once again the VR, AR and VFX team of Arsenale23, with the art direction of Giorgio Capaci, worked hard to offer spectacular 3d reconstructions and unexplored visual experiences. We start from the amazing Villa Jovis of Emperor Julius Caesar Augustus in Capri and the Lighthouse of Tiberius and then continue along the aqueduct of the Virgin Water which feeds the Trevi Fountain in Rome.
An unforgettable journey that will make us “marvel” in every corner of the country: from the Basilica of San Marco in Venice to the frescoed tombs of Paestum, from the Duomo of Milan to the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, from the Royal Palace of Turin to the Lantern of Genoa.